Online shopping is a form of e-commerce that allows one to directly purchase goodies and services from a shop through the internet. This is by using a browser, users find a product of their preference by making themselves into the websites or the seller by looking among the other available alternatives using a shopping search engine. A online retailer evokes the incidence of purchasing goods physically.This has made many feel the pleasure of Buying cookies online 


For one to get the goods through online, one should be able to access the internet and use allowed and confirm. Ed methods of payment so that you can make your transaction complete. I general, perception of online shopping is more determined by levels of education and personal income. Additionally attitudes directed to new shopping method might be increased by the emerging technology exposure of various customer.

Behaviour of customers in digital environment

With the fast  separate of the modern gadgets environment persons are likely to make use of their phones, tablets and some other digital gadgets. Consequently, the digital environment has a developing impact on the buyer’s mind and purchasing behavior too. However, to aid decision making of a customer may be influenced by interactive decision, in that opinion you definitely find most customers are becoming interactive and going step by step with the online reviews.Buyers can influence potential buyers perception. Likewise, many people rely on information posted by other buyers on social media thus influencing the buying of cookies.

Cookies selection

Buyers find a commodity of interest by getting through the website of the seller. Once you notice or finds a preferred cookies on the seller’s website various stores also allow consumers to create an a permanent account on online. This allows the information to be entered only once. After the buyer selects the preferred cookies you will receive an email to confirm the transaction completeness. 

Making payment 

When buying cookies online goodies such as the cookies, you oftenly use a a credit card or a PayPal account. Just like other commodities even when buying cookies may require you to use a credit card. However other systems may enable users to create accounts and make payments using other alternative methods,the likes of;debit card, gift cards, bitcoins or other crypto currencies and cash on delivery 

Cookies delivery 

Once you pay and it’s accepted, goods and services can be delivered in various ways that is package delivery, drop shipping, in store pick up.

Advantages of buying  online 

  • Its convenience because one don’t need to get physically to the retail shop.
  • Dedicated reviews platform that the potential buyers use for different product 
  • Allows one to switch those suppliers and merchant this helps in avoiding the interruption of user’s  shopping perception. 

Disadvantages of buying  online 

  • A problem in the lack of whole disclosure of cost the available products 
  • Additional fees like for examples shipping are not seen until one reaches the final steps of checking out
  • Many spams and phishing hence online shopping does not sponsor this. 

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